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Vancouver Art Gallery

The location of the Vancouver Art Gallery was once used as a courthouse and today houses some of the most spectacular works of art in the city. The art found in the gallery will include works by some of the most famous artists and there are also works of art by new and upcoming artists and is a perfect way for the family visiting Vancouver to enjoy the day.

There are also exhibits that are on loan from other art galleries that would often be missed, because of where they are usually located, like Rembrandts Golden Age of Dutch Art that is usually at home in Rijksumuseum in Amsterdam. There are also works of photograph art by some of the world’s most famous photographic artists, like Andreas Gursky of Dusseldorf Germany.

There are works of art by one of Vancouver’s most famous artists Stand Douglas, Emily Carr, Jack Shadbold and others, who call the Vancouver Art Gallery home.

One of the other things that will be found are exhibits that will interest even the youngest member of the family, which have been created with children in mind or art that shows the visitor Every Building on Sunset Strip by artists like Anthony Hernandez.

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