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Paradise Spa & Wellness

Walk past the lovely garden area that embraces the front entrance and discover Paradise Spa. You take in a deep cleansing breath as you enter and notice the air is permeated with vanilla and orange blossom, now you not only see Paradise you also feel it in your soul. Sweet scents in the air help us remember beauty, care & compassion. All of which are promised here at Paradise Spa & Wellness. As the time for your treatment draws closer your Esthetician will greet you and lead you into your treatment room. Each of our private treatment rooms are unique in style chosen specifically to enhance a particular feeling or mood. Perhaps your treatment will take place by the fire the element which symbolizes emotions. Perhaps you would enjoy having your treatment side by side with a loved one or best friend. Paradise Spa & Wellness offers a couple’s treatment room to accommodate such occasions, but please be sure to request this room at the time of your booking.

In Paradise feel free to speak with your Esthetician or remain quiet in your own thoughts, your Esthetician will take her cue from you.

Paradise Spa & Wellness offers a wide variety of treatments from nail and body care to relaxation and therapeutic massage. Our product lines are carefully sourced some of which are indigenous, others 100% organic and botanical. We also carry beautiful jewellery, nail and body care products as well as one of a kind gift items. Feel welcome to peruse through our boutique reception room where high ceilings, rounded mouldings, soft chandeliers and mirrors reflect a feeling of cozy grandeur. Have a question about a product? Always feel free to ask your Esthetician for in-depth information that is relatable to your personal concerns.

In Paradise our goal is to provide the highest quality of customer service, care, compassion and customized treatments for each and every individual.

Stay for a short while, stay for a weekend…Welcome to Paradise.

For spa services visit or call # 604-924-6001

Spa Specials

Weekly and Monthly promotions are available exclusively for hotel guests – please ask our guest services agent for more information.

Special stay and spa packages are available through the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites North Vancouver – please contact the hotel reception directly for more information on rates.