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Canada Place

Canada Place is one of the places where visitors will find many events held and in a building that have the appearance of a ship with sails. The construction of the building began in 1983 and was finished by 1985 and is located on the waterfront of Burrard Inlet.

Canada Place is home to the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre, Vancouver’s World Trade Centre and the first permanent IMAX 3D theater, where top rated programs are shown. There are also Expo’s held that can be a fun and interesting day for visitors.

Throughout the year there are special events held and when visiting there are over 2,000 meters of promenade walkways that have panoramic views of the city of Vancouver. While walking the west promenade, there will be music playing that will be all Canadian artists. This is a way to see the city in a way that shows the architecture, both old and new, along with the picturesque mountains as a backdrop in this scenic view.

This is where visitors can learn about the largest port in Canada at the Port Interpretive Center, and visiting is made easy by SkyTrain or Sea Bus, with stations located at Canada Place from downtown.

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