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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

One of the magical places to visit while staying in Vancouver is the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden; this is where visitors will find a traditional Chinese garden. The same techniques are used in planning the structure of the garden as during the Ming Dynasty, this allows visitors to feel and see the harmony and balance throughout the garden.

Each season the garden has something new to offer visitors; there are pruned trees in traditional Chinese fashion, potted plants, flower beds, a jade colored water pond and Chinese structures. There are guided tours, or visitors are able to wander the gardens at their own pace, stopping at the secluded areas to relax or meditate.

There are streams, rocks and bridges that are strategically located throughout the garden using Fen Shui and Taoism, which bring harmony and balance, and are also relaxing for the visitor that is walking the gardens.

Visitors will also find that there is a gift shop that has traditional Chinese items such as healing balls that are rolled in the palm for health and well being, there are herbal teas and other items that are unique. There are also exercises classes that are held outside of the garden that the visitor can enjoy each morning while in Vancouver.

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