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Gastown is one of the unique places to visit when in Vancouver, it is a section of the city where old architecture and new merge and where cobblestone streets can still be found. This is one of the most scenic walking districts at any time of the year and has buildings that date back into the 1800’s.

When visiting Gastown, there are walking tours that can be taken, with a guide that will explain the history of the town that began as Grandville. When the town was named Grandville it was after the British Colonial secretary in 1870. Later the name changed to Gastown by residents, after one of the residents known as Gassy Jack Deighton. The visitor today  will see the statute of saloon owner Gassy Jack Deighton.

The architecture that will impress any visitor will be pointed out, along with the history of the building and other of the local shops and restaurants that have a history in the city.

There are many restaurants that have menus of every type and some of Vancouver’s most select night spots. Gastown can be an event for the family or the couple to walk into the past for a few hours while they are visiting Vancouver.

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