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Harrison Lake and Hot Springs

Harrison Lake is one of the areas that is not filled with people visiting Vancouver, and if it is a quiet relaxing day that is needed or one that is filled with the excitement of the water this is the place that is not far from the Holiday Inn & Suites in Downtown Vancouver.

This is also the place where visitors each year get to see the sand sculpture contest where people take building sand castles seriously and create works of art rather than the small beach sand castle. This has become one of the most famous events each year for the people that enter and the people that like to see the completed works of art.

This is just the beginning of why visitors go to Harrison Lake & Hot Springs; the other reasons are the relaxing atmosphere, the water for water sports and swimming, the fishing and the lake water. There is also a mineral hot springs, there is water skiing, wind surfing, sailing, horseback riding, and hiking for visitors to enjoy.

This is a day with something for every visitor to enjoy and have fun the fishing for the fisherman could not be better with the large catches that come out of the lake. There are areas to picnic; there are trails that can not only give great views of the Harrison Lake & Hot Springs, but also of the mountains that are the backdrop for the area. Visitors can also take a horseback ride on trails that will give them the panoramic views of the area and at the same time give them the thrill of doing it on horseback.

This is one place where all different types of activities are available, leaving no one in the family out because they are too young or too old, and it is a short distance from the comfort of the Holiday Inn & Suites.

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