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Hill Native Art Gallery

One of the places that should be on the list of things to see while in Vancouver is the Hill Native Art Gallery. This is where the long and rich history of the First Nation can be seen, with art exhibits and handmade crafts, with over 1,200 native artists’ works on display. There are artists works displayed from Victoria, Nanaimo and Koksilah.

These displays are artworks from the First Nation, the Inuit, and Hills Native Art Gallery represents every Tribe and nation in the Northwest Coast.

The gallery has items other than paintings, they also have talking sticks, drums and hand crafted items including the knit items from the Cowichan First Nation, talking sticks from the First Nation of Canada Plain’s, along with drums and other hand crafted items.

There are items made of hand carved gold, silver and copper on display, the visitor will also finds copper jewelry, sculptures and wall panels, drums, rattles and baskets.

There are also items that the visitor can purchase at the gallery to take home or for a gift. This is one of the places in Vancouver that everyone in the family will find interesting artwork or handmade crafts to interest them and that are educational about the Northwest Coast people.

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