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The Lookout

When visiting Vancouver one of the only places to have a 360 degree panoramic view of the city is at the Lookout observation decks, this is located at the Harbour Centre Tower. The views are unobstructed and the visitor will have a clear view of Burrard Inlet, the North Shore Mountains, Bowen Island, and West Vancouver.

The sites are not only exciting, for the visitor, getting to the observation deck is thrilling riding a glass elevator from the ground floor up 167 meters. This is an exciting 40 second ride while seeing out over the city as the elevator rises to the observation deck.

The scenic views of the city will show the difference in the architecture between the old and new construction, and when evening falls the lights of the city from the observation deck are magical.

There are also guides at the Lookout that will be able to point out buildings and other scenic views of interest that are able to be seen in detail for the visitor.

Visiting the Lookout can be an exciting afternoon in Vancouver for the family or the way to start out an evening before dining at one of the fine restaurants in the city.

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