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Lynn Canyon Park

The Lynn Canyon Park opened in 1912 with 12 acres of Vancouver land and now includes 617 acres where the entire family or the business person can have a relaxing day out in the fresh Vancouver air. One of the added benefits of the park is Lynn Creek were there are panoramic views of the park from the suspension bridge 50 meters above the park, which visitors of the park can walk across.

The park is home to second generation trees, with some of the oldest being between 80 and 100 years old.  To learn about the trees and the park there are 80 nature videos that will educate the visitor about the rainforest, and the nature programs that keep the trees, wildlife and park, healthy.

There are walking and hiking trails through the park for every level of experience, and there are special events for the children, along with the Kids Exploratorium.  There is an Ecology Center and a gift shop, and there are special events held.

This is one of the places with some of the most spectacular views, trees and wildlife for a fun filled day for the family or a relaxing walk or hike in nature for the business person in Vancouver.

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