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Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm is one of the places that is exciting for the younger members of the family where they can learn about farm animals and feed them. For the family visiting Vancouver this is a day just for the younger members of the family, where they can take pony rides, feed chickens, ducks and rabbits. They can also watch Lulu the Jersey cow being hand milked and the Angora goat kids being bottle fed. The children will learn how the animals on the farm are cared for and how they are kept healthy and happy.

One of the other things they are able to do is help with farm chores including collecting eggs and have their picture taken with their favorite animal on the farm. There are other animals like pigs and Belgians on Maplewood Farm, and children’s birthdays are special and a birthday party can be arranged, this will be a lasting memory for any child that is visiting with their family in Vancouver.

This is an exciting day for children and for the adults that are with them, to see the adult animals and the babies, and it will be a special treat after the family leaves Vancouver and the child receives their picture in the mail with their favorite farm animal.

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