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Museum of Anthropology

The Vancouver hotel guest or the family on vacation will find the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology a thrilling place to visit, with the more than 13,000 pieces of art at the museum, which is located at the University of British Columbia.

There are many of the Northwest Coast People that are represented at the museum, which includes sculptures, artifacts and other art displays that are permanent exhibits.  These works of art by the First Nation have totem poles, which are hand carved and a hand crafted cedar plank house.

There are other works of art by the Haida, the Nisga’a, the Gitksan and the Coast Salish peoples on display, along with the large sculptures of the Kwakwaka’wakw people.

One other exhibit that is on display are the nearly 600 pieces of European ceramics that were donated by one man to the museum. These pieces include stoneware and earthenware that dates back several centuries.

Visitors to the museum will find artwork that depicts the past generations of the First People, how they lived, including the large wooden hand carved doors that lead to the gift shop that were carved by First People of the Skeena River Region, which are a richly detailed design.

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