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Museum and Archives

The Vancouver visitor will find many interesting items at the North Vancouver Museum & Archives, which has permanent exhibits and also shows exhibits that are on loan from other museums. This is one of the places in Vancouver that has something for everyone, with artifacts from the waterfront industries, domestic artifacts including furniture and kitchen equipment from the past. There are logging and lumber mill exhibits.

In total the museum houses over 15,000 artifacts and a collection of more than 40,000 pictures. This is without the additional exhibits that are on loan from other museums and are always exciting.

One of the unique artifact collections is one exhibit that is permanent at the museum and is the Sailish Indian collection. The documents held at the archives include school records from the past, directories, building permits and cemetery records, many of the documents date into the past when Europeans began arriving in Vancouver.

This is a educational day for the family or the person visiting Vancouver, and it is also a day of fun looking into the past at how business was run, how cooking and other domestic tasks were done and the traveling exhibits that are always exciting.

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