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Old Hastings Mill House Store Museum

The Old Hastings Mill House and Museum is where the visitor in Vancouver can be transported back in time, where it is possible to see the way people of the past in the city lived, which is now cared for by the women of the First Nation. These women will explain many of the artifacts and how early life in Vancouver was to the visitors of the museum.

The Old Hastings Mill House and Museum is filled with artifacts and was originally built in 1865, when it served as a general store, an important part of the lumber trade, and a hub for the shipping trade. This building was also used as a hospital and morgue after the great fire of 1886, as it was one of the only buildings left unharmed. This is the oldest building in the city of Vancouver that is still standing and holds the treasures of how life was in the past.

The museum holds treasures from the past like children’s toys, kitchen items, and tools, which will educate the visitor, along with other items. At the same time, the museum transports them back to the past in a building that was once busiest trade and commerce building near the water.

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