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The Royal Hudson Steam Train

One of the exciting places for the family or the business person to visit while in Vancouver is the Royal Hudson Steam Train. These were a group of streamlined locomotives owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway and in use from 1937 until 1960.

There were four of these steam trains that have been preserved and have been reworked when the 2010 Winter Olympics came to Vancouver. Visitors are able to take a steam train tour along Howe Sound Corridor and to Squamish and the round trip will take approximately six hours, in which time the rider has the thrill of riding a true steam train.

The family or person riding this train from yesterday will have scenic views and are able to visit the dining car for a meal or refreshments.

This is a must see attraction for any train lover to take the riding tour and to see the beautiful landscape that could otherwise be missed. One of the other exciting things about the train ride is the ability to take a boat ride back from Squamish instead of riding the train back to Vancouver. This is something that the family will enjoy, or the couple looking for something romantic to do while visiting the city.