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Science World

Visit Science World, it is an internationally recognized science centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is also a favourite family destination offering entertaining and educational experiences. Science World also offers hundreds of interactive exhibits, it is also home to the Alcan OMNIMAX Theatre and the Science Theatre. The Alcan OMNIMAX Theatre features magnificent science and nature films on one of the world’s largest dome screens. The high definition Science Theatre shows spectacularly scenic presentations as well as live performing arts shows.

Science World is where everyone can have fun and learn about science, with the many exhibits, including interactive ones and the laser show. There are exhibits like Our World. Kidspace, and BodyWorks.

One of the most exciting interactive exhibits is Scream, this is where the guest is presented with situations where they feel scared, to see how the body reacts. Some of the things that are presented during this exhibit is a scream power test, watching yourself on a green screen, standing in frightening surroundings and the guillotine.

Visitors can use their imagination while visiting with the exhibit that allows guests to lift a hippopotamus, watching a light bulb illuminated by wind power and see the latest science news.

One of the large attractions is the 3-D laser show, this is held in the OMNIMAX Theater, guests can view science and nature shows on one of the largest screens in the world. The Science Theater features educational programs that are both live and taped.

This is a perfect place for the family vacationing in Vancouver or for the business person taking an afternoon off. The day will be filled with fun and exciting exhibits, including the gallery of biology, the gallery of music and the gallery of physics.

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