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Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a great way to relax and see all of what Vancouver nature has to offer the guest at the Holiday Inn Vancouver, with Cedar, Hemlock and Fir trees. The park is filled with lush green foliage and wildlife that has a way of easing the stress out of any visitor, even the person in Vancouver on business.

There are also activities at Stanley Park like the art events that can be seen at the park often or the summer event known as the “dance at dusk.” In an area known as Ceperley Meadow local artists can be seen painting in Painters Circle at Stanley Park.

Stanley Park is made for walking and that means it does not matter what time of year it is there is always something to do at the park. There is the miniature train that travels a miniature railway in the park and the train is modeled after the Canadian Pacific Railway #374. This was the first transcontinental passenger train, which traveled to Vancouver in the 1880’s. This miniature train has three sets of cars and four engines that travel over trestles, through tunnels and over one an a quarter miles of track through the forests of Stanley Park. The original engine is on display at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre.

When the family is staying at the Holiday Inn Vancouver there is also the Children’s Farmland at Stanley Park with more than 200 animals, birds and reptiles for them to see living in a natural environment and covering approximately an acre. The children can see cows, chickens, donkeys, ducks, rabbits and more.

While walking in Stanley Park there are gardens like one that is filled with azaleas and rhododendrons known as the Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden.  This is a garden that has over fifty different verities in different shapes, sizes and colors. There is also the Community Garden with potted flowers, and there are also ornamental plants, these are located near the Stanley Park tennis courts.

Stanley Park is also home to many monuments, sculptures and plaques, each having its own unique story to tell and a part of history to tell. Stories like the Edward Stamp monument and plaque that memorializes where the lumber operations in Stanley Park began in 1865. The Garden of Remembrance monument and plaque for the Air Force Memorial or the Pauline Johnson memorial plaque in 1913 to honor of the famous Vancouver poet.

These are some of the many things that can be done in Stanley Park while staying at the Holiday Inn Vancouver with the family or while your alone on business to relax, see nature and learn some Vancouver history.

Stanley Park Horse Drawn Carriages

Visiting Vancouver is special for the family and for business when staying at the Holiday Inn Vancouver and one of the things that make it even more special is going for one of the carriage rides through Stanley Park. Where the sites, the sounds, the fresh air and the narrated carriage ride will be one of the most relaxing and pleasant experiences of a vacation to Vancouver.

This is one of the special things that will make memories with a ride in an old fashioned horse drawn carriage. A carriage pulled by horses that will wander through the picturesque beauty of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. These are horses that have the elegance of the English horses that have long been used to in Yorkshire England for carriage transportation. There are also the well known Cyldesdales, Belgians and Percherons that are used for pulling the Stanley Park carriages.

The smell will be the fresh air scented with cedar and the sounds of nature and the hooves of the horses make this a magical and relaxing ride.  One of the choices with the horse drawn carriage rides is the choice of taking the family on one of the hour long tours. There is also the private carriage for the couple that wants privacy while they see the beauty that Stanley Park has to offer.

A carriage ride through Stanley Park means acres of trees and foliage, Deadman’s Island, Lions Gate Bridge, the Vancouver Harbour and the Coastal Red Cedar Forest. Riders on the carriage will not only see these sites but they will also have each site explained. After a horse drawn carriage ride not only will the person on the carriage come away feeling totally relaxed but also enlightened about the sites of Vancouver.

Then there are the sites where the carriage will stop like the Totem Poles and the Rose Garden that add to the unique carriage ride though Stanley Park, along with the history about each of them.
After a carriage ride through Stanley Park and the sites like Lions Gate Bridge or Deadman’s Island, there is an inviting stylish suite waiting at the Holiday Inn North Vancouver for the family or for the couple.

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