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Whytecliff Park

Whytecliff Park is one of the most scenic places to visit in Vacouver when visiting the city, this is a park that has 15.63 hectacres of rugged coastline, mountains lush green forests, marine and wild life. One of the other things the park is famous for is the underwater diving, because of the spectacular sights underwater.

This is a perfect place to take the family, with a 12.3 acre playground, a beach, swimming and the perfect spot for a picnic with the sights of the activity on the water and the picturesque mountains.  There are tennis courts and an observation pavilion with amazing views of Vancouver, there is also the rugged coastline that provides protection for many of the mammals that can be watched in their own habitat.

This is the first Salt Water Marine protected area in Canada and because of this it will not be unusual to see sea lions and sea otters while at Whytecliff Park, while picnicking, walking or even on the beach, since this is their home.

There are nature trails that go into the lush Vancouver forest, where wildlife can be seen and rock jetties that can be walked on out into the water while at the park.

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