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Wild Whale Watching Tour

The Wild Whale Watching Tour is one of the most exciting places for any family to do while in Vancouver, this tour will take visitors by boat to the Gulf of Georgia in search of marine life. This can be the Orca Whale, sea otters, sea lions and other marine life that is often in these waters going about their daily routine.

The tour will let visitors see the whales, otters and sea lions in their own natural surroundings unlike places in captivity and doing the things they do naturally, and in some cases this means putting on a show for the boat tour. There is also a tour guide that will point out marine life and picturesque sights for the guests on the tour.

One of the other things that will be seen on this tour and that is the beauty of the landscape, the mountains, the water with boats and other activities, and whatever marine life decides to put
on a show.

This is a day of fun and excitement for the family or the person taking some time off from business while in Vancouver and one that will be hard to match.

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